Hard life to easy life!

The life of a human is so hard! The life story of some people is hard to hear! Life of some people is hard to live! Life of their survival is so hard! Hard….hard….hard….hard! Everything seems to be so hard. Why it is hard? Why don’t we make it an easy one? Yes, when you start loving small things around you, whether you live in a small home or big home. Enjoy the present moment and live the moment!!

When hard life stucks with the people around you and yes it happens for most of us. Just keep calm and move on to what life surprises you. When you be in a life’s highest position, you won’t be knowing all the small happiness which is happening around you. Start motivating yourself and develop yourself, surf more knowledgeable stuff on the net. It doesn’t cost anything. Spare your time valuable. Start preparing now, undoubtedly you will have a bright and rich future in years.

I will give you a quick glimpse of a man whom I inspire more in my life. Yes, it’s absolutely the Google’s CEO Pichai Sundararajan, famously known as Sundar Pichai. Why him? That’s the basic question from everybody. He’s my inspiration because he lives his life very simple even though by earning a net worth of million dollars. Does his dressing sense show him rich? or what does shows his richness? The way he delivers his knowledge to this world. Google never stops surprising you by inventing new ideas. Though he is from a middle-class family, his talent made him what he is TODAY and not his looks and fame of being stylish. Guys, you can also make it happen, you can also become what you wished to be. You just need hard work, luck and small little dedications towards your goals.

Stop saying that your life is hard by failures and haters. Instead, start saying that ” My life is beautiful than anybody else and I will make my parents proud and one day I will say “I MADE IT HAPPEN”. You will watch everything being colorful around you. You may be from a rich status family or middle rich-poor status family or poor family, small little things when you achieve you will see your parents having a happy tear and smile on their face. You cant buy it anywhere and it’s priceless. All I could say is, STAY POSITIVE ALWAYS…WORK HARD…DEDICATION….AND DREAM YOUR FUTURE….!



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