Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades, but many researchers think we’re finally getting close to making AI a reality. Like that in the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in “machine learning,” using neural networks, which mimic the processes of real neurons. This is a type of “deep learning” that allows machines to process information for themselves on a very sophisticated level, allowing them to perform complex functions like facial recognition. Big data is speeding up the AI development process, and we may be seeing more integration of AI technology in our everyday lives relatively soon.

Here are some of the future ideas which are beneficial and create an impact in our day to day life might also affect us.

AUTOMATIC TRANSPORT: We’re already seeing the beginnings of self-driving cars, though the vehicles are currently required to have a driver present at the wheel for safety. Despite these exciting developments, the technology isn’t perfect yet, and it will take a while for public acceptance to bring automated cars into widespread use. Google began testing a self-driving car in 2012, and since then, the U.S. Department of Transportation of different levels of automation, with Google’s car classified as the first level down from full automation. Other transportation methods are much closer to automation, such as buses and trains.

CYBORG TECHNOLOGY: One of the main limitations of being human is simply our own bodies—and brains. Researchers think that in the future, we will be able to augment ourselves with computers and enhance many of our own natural abilities. Though many of these possible cyborg enhancements would be added for convenience, others might serve a more practical purpose. Scientists believe that AI will become useful for people with amputated limbs, as the brain will be able to communicate with a robotic limb to give the patient more control. This kind of cyborg technology would significantly reduce the limitations that amputees deal with on a daily basis.

RISKING SOME DANGEROUS JOBS: Robots are already taking over some of the most hazardous jobs available, including bomb defusing. These robots aren’t quite robots yet, according to the researchers. They are technically drones, being used as the physical counterpart for defusing bombs, but requiring a human to control them, rather than using AI. Whatever their classification, they have saved thousands of lives by taking over one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. As technology improves, we will likely see more artificial intelligence integration to help these machines function. Other jobs are also being reconsidered for robot integration. Welding, well known for producing toxic substances, intense heat, and earsplitting noise, can now be outsourced to robots in most cases. Robot Worx explains that robotic welding cells are already in use, and have safety features in place to help prevent human workers from fumes and other bodily harm.

RESOLVING CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change might seem like a tall order from a robot, but machines have more access to data than one person ever could be storing a mind-boggling number of statistics. Using big data, AI could one day identify trends and use that information to come up with solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

ELDER CARE: Everyday life is a struggle, and may have to hire outside help to manage their care, or rely on family members. AI is at a stage where replacing this need isn’t too far off, says one of the computer scientists at Washington State University. “Home” robots could help seniors with everyday tasks and allow them to stay independent and in their homes for as long as possible, which improves their overall well-being.

Although we don’t know the exact future, it is quite evident that interacting with AI will soon become an everyday activity. These interactions will clearly help our society evolve, particularly in regards to automated transportation, cyborgs, handling dangerous duties, solving climate change, friendships and improving the care of our elders. And finally, robots do most of our jobs in the technological world. Can’t we just make them our friends! Yes, when robots are so friendly to society, they do create some impact as below.

ROBOTS AS OUR FRIENDS: A company in Japan made the first robot companion in 2015, it was like a robot which understands our emotions and feelings. The robot was programmed to read human emotions, develop its own emotions, and help its human friends stay happy.  It was named as ” Pepper”. Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting his behavior to the mood of his interlocutor.

Is it all a good thing? When Sherry Turkle, professor of social studies of science and technology at MIT, who believes that replacing human time with robots for older adults is not where we should go. “I believe that this breaks the compact between generations,” she says in a TED talk. These machines do not understand us. It is an inappropriate use of technology. Asking robots to do this job is asking more of machines and less of each other.







There is another level to this thing to studying, to education, the efforts you’re putting right now. There’s another level you haven’t quite reached yet and there will be moments when you get tired and beat down, and you are gonna feel discouraged maybe even depressed, its good to feel discouraged sometimes, because when you’re feeling discouraged that’s when you are being put to that test.

If you want to stay home on the sofa, watching TV, feeling sorry for yourself. Well, it’s up to you. But there will be someone else out there, that’s inspired and motivated and we’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna go and get it. At the end, when you feel like giving up and closing your books and going to bed. You can do one of these two things that will determine who you are going to be. The option A is giving up. The option B is when you have enough start taking productive actions and the way you need to go we have a choice. The choice defines who you are going to be, someone who regrets their own life or we are gonna be champions.

People who set high standards are role models. It’s what we do when you feel like not giving up. Step forward, don’t wait. Go to your desk and study. Make every day, make every minute, make every second, make it count and become the person you want to be and become that person through one small decision at a time.

Be strong, be bold, be aggressive. Instead of letting your goals and studying slide out from beneath you. Instead of letting all these things slide. Use the discipline within you to make it happen. Don’t be weak. Shut down all those pathetic excuses and make it happen. It’s within you, you gonna find it. As your alarm clock goes off, you have a decision to make and it takes punctuality and discipline to do this.

No matter what you get, no matter what obstacles come in your way, no matter what your friends say, no matter what your colleagues say. You are going to do this, you’ve gotta do the work. No one is gonna come knocking on your door with opportunities.

If you haven’t put work in first place and if you really want it that bad, you better get used to being uncomfortable, what you concentrate on is what you get, you gotta concentrate. If you concentrate on studying, you get the grades you want. If you concentrate on improving your work ethic every day, an incredible work ethic is what you get. If you concentrate on success, success is what you get.

If you want to do something in your life, whatever it is gonna take concentration. DON’T STOP. Obstacles, challenges, distractions, never concentrate on this. Keep moving forward. SUCCESS IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU.



Hard life to easy life!

The life of a human is so hard! The life story of some people is hard to hear! Life of some people is hard to live! Life of their survival is so hard! Hard….hard….hard….hard! Everything seems to be so hard. Why it is hard? Why don’t we make it an easy one? Yes, when you start loving small things around you, whether you live in a small home or big home. Enjoy the present moment and live the moment!!

When hard life stucks with the people around you and yes it happens for most of us. Just keep calm and move on to what life surprises you. When you be in a life’s highest position, you won’t be knowing all the small happiness which is happening around you. Start motivating yourself and develop yourself, surf more knowledgeable stuff on the net. It doesn’t cost anything. Spare your time valuable. Start preparing now, undoubtedly you will have a bright and rich future in years.

I will give you a quick glimpse of a man whom I inspire more in my life. Yes, it’s absolutely the Google’s CEO Pichai Sundararajan, famously known as Sundar Pichai. Why him? That’s the basic question from everybody. He’s my inspiration because he lives his life very simple even though by earning a net worth of million dollars. Does his dressing sense show him rich? or what does shows his richness? The way he delivers his knowledge to this world. Google never stops surprising you by inventing new ideas. Though he is from a middle-class family, his talent made him what he is TODAY and not his looks and fame of being stylish. Guys, you can also make it happen, you can also become what you wished to be. You just need hard work, luck and small little dedications towards your goals.

Stop saying that your life is hard by failures and haters. Instead, start saying that ” My life is beautiful than anybody else and I will make my parents proud and one day I will say “I MADE IT HAPPEN”. You will watch everything being colorful around you. You may be from a rich status family or middle rich-poor status family or poor family, small little things when you achieve you will see your parents having a happy tear and smile on their face. You cant buy it anywhere and it’s priceless. All I could say is, STAY POSITIVE ALWAYS…WORK HARD…DEDICATION….AND DREAM YOUR FUTURE….!


Motivation to Studies

The main element of studies is time management. Although you have 24 hours in a day, people mostly spend their time on social media. So, when you learn more now yet you will earn more in future. It is not the way that people should only spend time on the career part but most of our lives are decided by how much we have studied. For example, look at the clock and hear the sound of the movement of those two needles, it goes around and around all time. It never waits for anyone. It does it work. It’s all your control. We never know the length of our birth and death. What if you can change your life in and instantly? Where there is a will, there is a way!

You can only change your life. When you do things for your life, all the opportunities will be knocking your door. You have to deal every wounds and pain in your life, every hard work you do today will pay off in future and every success doesn’t come so soon. Suggesting you that if you are facing a biggest challenge in your life,  DON’T STOP!

Stay busy. Work for your plan. Write down all your mistakes you have done in your life, make sure you doesn’t repeat all those. Evaluate yourself from every situation you are facing in day to day life. Help somebody and help yourself because whatever you give is what you get. Always find someone whom you could help so that you can forget yourself for a moment, also help them to achieve what they want to be. Be someone who work for your success when others are dreaming of their success. You have the power to change yourself from the life you are living now to a greater life.

When you have a unique idea and all your determinations it will always lead to success, happiness and growth of prospectus. Every morning when you wake up, you are living minutes which you can never get back. This life is your one opportunity to embrace the gift from god. Every second how much you spend it will make your life, lift up or slip it out. There is no moment called perfect without doing anything. The more hard work you do right now will be so meaningful in future. Suffer now, be unhappy now, painful but it is all the savings for good purposes in future life. Absolutely, success comes from efforts, hard work, determination and dedication. Don’t waste your time.